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The Road to Good Nutrition Is Launched

Photo 2 for Asma's book launch
Sharmila Chaudhari feeds her daughter Sanjana, 19 months, at the Nutrition Rehabilitation Home in Dhangadhi, Nepal.

On September 17, The Road to Good Nutrition was released at the 20th International Congress of Nutrition in Granada, Spain. This new book on best practices in nutrition brings together the experiences and insights of experts in the field to forge collective action on malnutrition. It is part of the Vitamins in Motion campaign conducted by Sight and Life, the nutrition think tank of DSM, a global science-based company active in health and nutrition.

Bread for the World Institute director Asma Lateef served on the editorial board for the book and contributed a chapter, "Speaking Up for Nutrition: The Role of Civil Society," which describes hunger and malnutrition as an unfinished agenda and argues that food security and nutrition should be explicitly addressed as part of a set of global development goals that follow the Millennium Development Goals, whose deadline is December 2015. Reducing childhood stunting -- a clear indicator of chronic malnutrition that causes irreversible damage to a child's physical and cognitive development -- should be a priority.

Civil society organizations are uniquely positioned to advocate for greater attention to hunger and malnutrition, and can play an important role in elevating nutrition as a priority for the next set of development goals. Lateef concludes that communicating the fundamental role that good nutrition plays during pregnancy and early childhood must be an integral part of advocacy efforts.

Other chapters include "Preventing Stunting: Why It Matters, What It Takes," "The Economic Cost of Malnutrition," and "Making Nutrition Good Politics: The Power of Governance."

"Undernutrition in all its forms is still responsible for almost half of the world’s child mortality. Other malnourished children survive, but they cannot thrive. The Road to Good Nutrition pulls together the latest evidence on underlying causes and priority solutions. It demands to be widely read, and its findings deserve to be taken very seriously."       

        Patrick Webb, Dean for Academic Affairs, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University

Read or download the full text of The Road to Good Nutrition and/or its executive summary.

 Michele Learner


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