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Senator Frist Spreads the Word About What's at Stake in Global Nutrition

Bread for the World Institute and Concern Worldwide U.S. are in the final stage of preparations for "Sustaining Political Commitments to Scaling Up Nutriton," taking place June 10 in Washington, DC. Bread has invited leaders from nongovernmental organizations, nutrition experts, and decision makers from developing countries; high-level leaders from the U.S. government and international development organizations are also expected to participate. Participants will focus both on the big picture -- why it's so important to ensure good nutrition during the "1,000 Days," the window between pregnancy and age 2 -- and on the nuts and bolts work by civil society that is helping to save the lives and futures of millions of children at risk of malnutrition.

Former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist -- who is also a surgeon -- published an opinion piece in The Hill today that makes the case for U.S. assistance for global nutrition to a Capitol Hill audience. This is an important moment to get the word out, with the approach  of "Nutrition for Growth," a pledge conference taking place in London on June 8.

The name of our June 10 event reflects the importance of making sure that the pledges made on June 8 are honored. Political commitments must, indeed, be sustained so that the basic, affordable steps that prevent early childhood malnutrition are actually scaled up to reach all in need.


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