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New OECD Income, Poverty, Inequality Data Released

Good news for data nerds: The OECD has just released its latest disposable income, poverty and inequality numbers for all of its 34 member states. You can access the entire data set here, but don't miss the the fun interacive tools that were released along with it. OECD was kind enought to make them embeddable:


So what are the key stories in this beautifully arranged chart? You may not find them all that surprising:

  • Poverty and  inequality have grown in OECD countries since the global recession of 2007-2008.
  • The United States still has greater-than-average inequality and relative poverty than the typical OECD country.
  • The United States has less pre-tax/transfer poverty than most other countries.
  • The overall OECD unemployment rate has eased slightly to 8.0%.
  • Iceland, Slovenia, Norway and Denmark shared the lowest poverty rate of member countries, while Israel bore the highest at 21%.

This data release is well timed, just before the 39th G-8 summit to be held in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland between June 17-18. As member states gather to focus on shared global development goals like advancing trade, ensuring tax compliance, and promoting greater transparency, the OECD offers a humbling reminder that poverty, hunger, and inequality are on the rise across the developed world. A global committment to solving the poverty problem will require committment from all countries, regardless of income level. This is still everyone's problem. Derek Schwabe


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