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When a Child is Stunted, We All Lose

Human potential is an asset that we are losing each day. It’s there, ready and waiting in the unique mind and personality of each new human life. And with it, not so far out of reach, lies the reality of a better life for all of us. Solutions to problems like hunger and poverty are part of that awaiting reality, wrapped up in the opportunity of human potential.

Potential is often hard to quantify. Stunting is one of those cases when it isn't. The evidence of the potential lost to stunting is literally standing in front of you: a child, shorter than she should be. When children don’t get the right nutrients; they lose—not only in physical size, but in mental and social capacity, and in ability to lead a successful, productive life. And we lose. We lose the mental energy that could have brought a family out of poverty, helped build a national economy, or even flagged the end of hunger.

Bread for the World Institute is calling world leaders to take stunting more seriously. When one in four children in the world is stunted, the opportunity costs for the individual and society are too great to ignore. Our new stunting infographic (below) tells the story. Read more about the often overlooked threats of stunting and severe acute malnutrition in the 2013 Hunger Report.

Break the Cycle of Stunting

Derek profile thumbnail
Derek Schwabe
 is the 2013 Hunger Report project fellow at Bread for the World Institute.


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