Developing strategies to end hunger

The Hidden Faces of Hunger: 2012 Hunger Report Conclusion

Did you ever stop to think how overwhelmed churches would be if they had to feed all hungry people in the United States without any government support?

With many members of Congress calling for steep cuts in government spending, voters in these districts have asked why we need the government to feed hungry people in the United States. Can’t churches do the job?

More than 70 young pastors, ministers, and clergy are now gathered in Washington, DC, for Bread for the World’s Hunger Justice Leaders 2012: From the Pulpit to the Public Square—a powerful training to help attendees develop their own prophetic voice to urge our nation’s decision makers to end hunger here and abroad. Participating pastors understand that the federal government plays a crucial role in feeding our neighbors.

In 2009, one in seven people in the United States was receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. In most states, government support for anti-hunger resources outweigh resources from charitable providers on the order of nine to one. 

As the 2012 Hunger Report shows, it is imperative that both public and private programs work hand in hand to end hunger in our nation.    


+ Keep reading the conclusion of the 2012 Hunger Report to learn why public and private assistance are both essential to ensure that people do not go hungry in the United States.

Kate-hagenKate Hagen is Hunger Report project fellow at Bread for the World Institute.





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